My favorite classes in high school were English/writing classes, and science. However, I did enjoy many other ones. I was always fascinated with history, and how things from the past have shaped the world that we live in now. This might even explain why I love to read historical romance now as apposed to almost anything else. It’s the history that I love, and that was something that comes from the history books I had at school.

Unlike every other class that I took, I would always look ahead through my history books. I would read things long before they were assigned, and I would read things at the end of the history books that I was interested in, but knew we may never get to cover by the end of the school year. It was a rare event when we would get through any textbook in it’s entirety by the end of the year, and I knew that I was missing some good stuff when it came to history.

What I find fascinating now is that there are some things in some history books that are different in others. I’m not talking about changes in findings of facts, I’m talking about different points of view. As a child you think of textbook as fact, and you think that what you are reading in your history books in school is the same thing that others are learning. I found that this is not the case, and many people have slightly different ideas and views of what actually took place during many different periods of time. The difference can even be felt in what some choose to include in a text and what some choose to leave out all together.

Those who home school may find this to be a problem when they go to buy history books. For the most part they are all the same, but some publishers use different information. When confronted with history books that seem to say something other than what one has learned, it’s a good idea to bring that up to the kids so they know there are two different views out there. Children are bright, and they will like to think about things like this. It’s funny how simple changes in these books don’t seem like much, but when you really think about it, those small things could have turned history in a different direction. That’s definitely a discussion that will spark a very interesting dialog with your children.