Have you ever gone to a wedding and seen a guest whose outfit made her as noticeable as the bride? Most everyone has. Every office worker has seen a co-worker who dresses as though she were out on the town Friday night, every day. It’s surprising, when you look around, how often people dress inappropriate to the occasion. Sometimes, it’s a case of vanity, but most often people are just not adept at the fashion scene. Maybe fashion is not an important part of their life.

However, learning how to dress for the occasion can save you some embarrassment and enhance your social life. Knowing how to dress is more a matter of fitting in to the them than anything else. The attention-grabbing office dresser may believe she’s looking ultra professional, when in fact, the women resent her and mock her, while the guys wonder how she dresses for a date to the movies.

Learning how to dress for the event is not to say that there are hard and fast rules and formulas. It’s more about feeling comfortable in social situations, and not making others feel uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at a few types of occasions and the guidelines which make sense for each.

How about the wedding guest who outshines the bride? This can easily be done, albeit innocently. You’re not the fashion maven, and you get an expensive and glitzy dress, thinking you’re demonstrating your esteem for your friend – the bride. Instead, when you arrive, most of the women guests are dressed in low-key summer prints, in stylish but conservative cuts. When you attend any function where there’s an automatic star of the show – be she a bride or a birthday girl – let her have her day. Dress nicely, but not flamboyantly. That’s knowing how to dress.

A boy at school has invited you out for pizza and a movie. You know his funds are limited. The local pizza place is a teen hangout. Here’s definitely a case of “when in Rome … ”. A nice shirt and a pair of jeans will put him at ease. Spend your glitzy urges on nice shiny hair. If you get carried away trying to impress him with how hot you are, you may have the opposite effect. He’ll be embarrassed at how you stand out and away. He may also feel outclassed and you’ll never hear from him again.

Now, let’s say this same boy has invited you to the prom. This is a different story. Every single girl is guaranteed to try to be the Belle of the ball. Here’s where you can pull out many – not all – the stops. Here’s where your handmade Renaissance style velvet dress with gold lace trim makes you a winner.

Learning how to dress is a matter of considering your companion’s comfort and then dressing to the nines, for the occasion.