Foot odor remedies are pretty sensitive topic in my family. You see, there are three children in my generation, but I am the only one who turned out normal. The other two are drawn to extremes. My older sister is one of the most conservative, straight laced, tightly wound people I have ever met. Everything needs to be neat, tidy, and perfectly arranged. Everyone has to follow the rules. My younger brother by contrast is messy, wild, and uninhibited. Although he is the more interesting of the two by far, he is not actually dependable. Worst of all, he has foot odor problems.

You would not believe how frequent a topic of conversation his foot odor was when we were growing up. My mom was always trying to make him try a new foot odor remedy, and it was always a big fight. I didn’t think his foot odor was that bad, but it was definitely noticeable. Even with the foot odor remedies, the room he was in would take on a slight aroma from his feet. We tried all of the classic foot odor remedies: we tried baking soda in his shoes, we tried washing his feet with vinegar, we tried using double layers of socks, but nothing worked. When I look back on it, I wonder if he was actually using the foot odor remedies. I wonder if he was pretending to, but really making his feet stink to irritate my sister. I wouldn’t be surprised, and I wouldn’t blame him.

At the time, however, it seemed his foot odor was resistant to every possible remedy known to man. We tried all kinds of natural healing cures, But nothing really seemed to work. If anything, the herbal foot odor remedies that we rubbed on his feet just made them smell worse. We made him try a foot odor treatment of soaking both feet in Epsom salts every day for a week, but the only result was that the foot tub smelled. He was perfectly content with it, and none of his girlfriend seemed to mind, but my mom and my sister were both livid. I think they thought that he was doing it on purpose and that the foot odor remedies would have worked if he had wanted to them to. For his part, he was always putting his feet up on the sofas, tables, and chair, and generally doing anything to get on people’s nerves that he could. To this day, every time I see a commercial for foot odor remedies, I cringe.